During a visit to Taiwan to promote his new film, American actor Will Smith caused a sensation as he toured a night market on Friday and sampled a number of popular Taiwanese dishes, Taiwan News online reported.

Smith arrived in Taipei on Friday with Taiwanese director Ang Lee to promote the new film “Gemini Man,” which will officially hit movie screens across the island on Monday.

Later that evening, Smith was joined by TV host Blaire Chang and YouTubers the K.R Bros in savoring Taiwanese delicacies at the Ningxia Night Market in Taipei’s Datong District, the report said.

As soon as Smith stepped foot in the market, he caught the attention of many fans, who swarmed him to take photos.

During his visit to the night market, Smith tried sesame oil chicken and fresh papaya and watermelon milk, reported Liberty Times.

He also bravely tried bitter melon juice, which he described in Mandarin as “不好喝” (bad-tasting), according to the report.

Smith then tried some of the game stalls, including a BB gun balloon game, where he shot with great accuracy, wowing the crowd with every direct hit.

Lee and Smith will attend the premiere of “Gemini Man” in Taipei on Monday and take part in a number of events promoting their new film in the following days, according to the distributor.

Lee’s 14th feature film, “Gemini Man” is a sci-fi thriller about a retired assassin being targeted by his younger clone, with both parts being played by Smith.

Aside from the HFR (high frame rate) cinematography, the film is boasting “groundbreaking” technology with its de-aging VFX, according to firstshowing.net.

To create this character, Ang Lee filmed Smith in a motion-capture rig (with face-capture cameras) and then let the VFX artists work on their computers to de-age him.

A few videos have arrived online over the last few weeks explaining the process, and showing before/after shots as well as a glimpse as the techniques they’re using.

Most of the de-aging VFX work was done by Weta Digital in New Zealand.