Eligible Macau residents living in Hengqin New District of Zhuhai, China’s southern Guangdong province, can now apply for the Zhuhai medical insurance scheme.

According to a report by the Zhuhai Daily, the first batch of successful Macau applicants could pick up their Zhuhai Medical Insurance Social Security Card from July 4.

Macau’s Health Bureau previously announced that the Zhuhai City Basic Medical Insurance pilot program where Macau residents with Mainland China residence permits – who had moved to Hengqin and be expected to stay for a substantial period of time – will be eligible for the medical insurance scheme.

The basic Zhuhai scheme consists of two parts – the first part is a financial subsidy by the Zhuhai Hengqin government of 590 Chinese yuan per year. The second part involves personal self-contribution, which is 410 Chinese yuan per annum for adult residents and 180 Chinese yuan per year for students and children.

The Macau government plans to fully subsidize personal self-contributions for children aged 10 and below, primary and secondary school students, and residents aged 65 and above.

According to statistics, there are currently 282 Macau residents who hold residence permits in Hengqin, 20% of whom were aged 65 and above. It is estimated that the subsidy budget would be 41,000 Chinese yuan, assuming 100 adult residents signed up for the insurance scheme.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai City has also provided another insurance option for Macau individuals who are yet to be issued with  Mainland China residence permits but already have purchased real estate, or rented office space in Hengqin.

Applicants who sign up for the medical insurance scheme and applying for the Macau government subsidies for personal self-contribution can have both processed at the same time with the relevant departments in Hengqin.
Eligible Macau residents who are already Mainland residence permit holder can apply at various village (residential) committees of Zhuhai City and the social insurance fund management center of Zhuhai City.

People yet to be issued with a residence permit should bring along their real estate license or office rental contract for the insurance application at the tax office of Zhuhai Taxation Bureau in person.

He Yanshan, deputy director of the Macau’s Health Bureau, said that the introduction of the medical insurance scheme was intended to facilitate the integration of Macau residents into the Greater Bay Area for studying, residence or retirement by enabling residents to access the basic medical insurance system in the Mainland and enjoy the same treatment as mainland residents.