A 29-year-old Indonesian man was killed and four other workers injured when a fire broke out on a motorized luxury yacht at a boat repair facility in Langkawi, Malaysia, in the early hours of Thursday.

The fire happened just before 3am on June 6 at the repair facility in Bukit Malut, where the five workers, all Indonesian nationals, were fixing the two-story vessel, the China Press reported.

Firefighters from Kedah Fire and Rescue Department rushed to the scene where they found the fire raging. They eventually managed to put out the blaze at around 8.25am.

Four Indonesian workers, including a woman, were rushed to Langkawi Hospital due to smoke inhalation.

Rescuers and rescue dogs began a search after learning that one more worker could have been trapped in the vessel.

But it was not until 7.12pm on June 7 that some charred remains of the alleged victim were found and sent to the hospital for a post mortem. The search officially ended about an hour later at 8.16pm.

The Indonesian Consulate General in Penang is coordinating with relevant parties for the process of arranging the victim’s body, as well as providing assistance to the injured workers, who were still in a coma at the hospital.