The next time you forget something in your Didi hire car, you may have to pay to get it back.

The company is now considering new rules whereby passengers will be charged to have their property returned to them, regardless of what that item may be, according to a report in China Plus.

Going by draft rules released this week, if an item lost by a passenger is found by a Didi driver, its owner should contact the driver to agree on a mutually convenient time and place, as well as a reasonable charge, for the return of the lost property.

If the driver and passenger fail to reach an agreement, the driver should send the item to the public security authorities. On the other hand, if the item is damaged or lost, the driver should compensate the passenger, the report said.

The draft rules don’t specify the amount the passenger should pay, but note that it could include a storage fee, any reward promised for the return of the lost property and travel-related expenses. Didi is currently seeking public feedback on its proposal, the report said.

The platform has 550 million users, over 31 million drivers and its global ride-hailing network covers more than 1,000 cities around the world.